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Human-Centric Future

We are at an inflection point. Technology has the power to connect every human on the planet. Disruptions are happening at an accelerating pace. And every singular decision has wider consequences than ever before for our businesses, environment, economies, social causes, and individual lives. 


With rapid-fire, complex shifts comes a need to re-evaluate and dispose of some of the most fundamental tenets of traditional business thought and praxis. The businesses that succeed in this time of rapid change will be those that keep people at the center of their attention, decisions, and investments.


My 2021 book, Convergence, is the clarion call we need. In this hyper-relevant book, you’ll discover the urgent necessity to orient business and technology with a human-centric perspective. Facing the potential for a historic integration or catastrophic collision, leaders have two clear choices: remain committed to profits above all else; or shift to a human-centric approach that embraces this convergence. 




Deborah Westphal is a passionate humanist whose career spans more than 30 years and virtually every continent. Through her work, she shares stories and insights captured and brought together from her personal and professional endeavors. 


Tapped in 1999 by Alvin Toffler as a founding member of his eponymous consulting firm, she has led countless leaders to challenge biases, ignite ideas, and build connections.


Join one of the top minds of our era in the pursuit of a future where technology, business, and humanity converge to create a sound, hopeful future.

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