Blue Economy Convergence Conversation Milicent Pitts Ocean Exchange Deborah Westphal Convergence

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Milicent Pitts, CEO of the Ocean Exchange

Millicent Pitts is a fascinating woman who describes her professional journey as “very unexpected.” After spending 30 years in the chemical and materials industry, she did “a 180” in 2013 to become the CEO of the Ocean Exchange, a 501c3 with the sole mission to help advance the adoption of solutions in the field of…

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation maritime systems Joe Wheatley Wilmington Deborah Westphal

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Government Maritime Expert Joseph Wheatley

Joseph (Joe) Wheatley is an underwater acoustics and maritime systems expert. He is well-versed in everything encompassed by the government maritime category. His passion and experience were passed down to him by his father, a retired world-call underwater acoustician who earned success working with the Navy during the Cold War. In 1976 Joe’s father was…

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Ed Morrison Deborah Westphal Strategic Doing

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Ed Morrison and Strategic Doing

Years of working wicked problems led Ed Morrison to develop a new discipline called Strategic Doing. Ed started his professional career working on Capitol Hill in the 1970s and early 1980s, focused on problems of globalization — which are really complex problems across dynamic networks. In the early 1990s, Ed left the government to work…

Deborah Westphal UNCW Center for Marine Science Kenneth Halanych

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Kenneth Halanych of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Center for Marine Science

Kenneth Halanych is a career academic. As the newly appointed executive director of the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) Center for Marine Science, he brings a professional focus on understanding marine organisms and how they evolve in changing marine systems. He is concerned about the massive, possible unwitting, impact humanity is making on our…

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