Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Monica Jain, Founder of Fish 2.0

Monica Jain Fish 2.0 Blue Economy Convergence Conversation Deborah Westphal

Monica Jain is a connector of people and ideas. She started her career as a marine biologist, earned an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, spent several years in finance and venture capital, then directed her experience and energy to focus on oceans. After spending many years bringing finance into ocean-related…

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Blue Economy Convergence Conversation: Chip Mahan of Live Oak Bank

Blue Economy Convergence Conversation Live Oak Bank founder and CEO Chip Mahan Wilmington Deborah Westphal

Chip Mahan is a pioneer in banking who started his career in 1973 and has spent his career revolutionizing banking at the convergence of fintech and financial services. In 1995, Chip and his brother-in-law changed the way banking was done by putting the first bank on the internet. Today, Chip is Chairman and CEO of…

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