Ian khan futurist Deborah westphal convergence

Convergence Conversation: My Favorite Futurist, Ian Khan

There are people you meet in the course of your life with whom you feel an instant connection.  These special people tend to have incredible amounts of positive energy, so it is hard not to call them your friend, even if you have only known them for a short time. Ian Khan is one of…

Annie green knowledge management convergence Deborah westphal

Convergence Conversation: Unpacking Knowledge Management with Dr. Annie Green

Dr. Annie Green’s journey to becoming an expert in digital transformation and knowledge management has had many twists and turns. She excelled in mathematics in high school, and a love for biology drove her to pursue it as a major toward becoming a doctor. To help put herself through college, she got a job at…

greg miller diplomatic leadership convergence Deborah Westphal

Convergence Conversation: Examining Diplomatic Leadership with Greg Miller

Greg Miller is a thoughtful, diplomatic leader shaped by his diverse experiences across the hospitality and senior care industries. Greg and I met when he was Senior Vice President of Finance for Marriott’s global information technology group, supporting Marriott’s 4,000 hotels across 70 countries. This was 2013; a time of dynamic transition for IT that…

infrastructure report Biden climate convergence

The Unexpected Environmental Impacts of Technology Infrastructure

Every four years since 1998, the American Society of Civil Engineers has released their Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. The assessment process for assigning scores across the seventeen major U.S. infrastructure categories is quite extensive. A group of professionals diligently assesses data across a spectrum of criteria. The 2021 Report Card reveals that we’ve made…

julie Ryan Deborah westphal convergence system of systems

Convergence Conversation: Exploring System of Systems Thinking with Dr. Julie Ryan

Dr. Julie Ryan is a Nexialist, someone who is able to see connections between different disciplines that others may not see. A.E van Vogt coined the term in 1950 to describe the rare person who integrates science, thought, and a network of people to solve complex problems. Julie’s career has been a collection of serendipitous…

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