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All Blue Week Calls Attention to the Vitality of Ocean Health

Working across 189 countries, The World Bank Group exists to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way. The organization accomplishes this massive goal by providing financial products and technical assistance to every major area of development and by bringing together countries to share knowledge and solutions to the most pressing and…

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The Language of Social Impact vs. Real Change

After working with hundreds of senior executives across many industries in the public and private sectors, I have come to believe that truly transformational leaders are rare. More common are the executives who are aware of the urgency to solve humanity’s hardest problems and who know that hard decisions must be made yet are unwilling…

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Looking Beyond Launch to Spot The Real Value of Space

Space. It was the final frontier in the 1960s — a source of dreams, fantasies, and ambitions. Today’s space ambitions are no less compelling than those of the ‘60s, but they focus on the commercial possibilities of space, rather than the governmental security issues that drove exploration in the early days. And its billionaires, including…

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Convergence Conversation: Rethinking History with Richard P. Hallion

Richard P. Hallion (Dick) was born in an interesting time. It was the end of World War II and the early emergence of the Cold War. Dick grew up in a family of readers and every weekend, his parents took him to their local library. He was a voracious reader from early in his childhood,…

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